Click to enlargeWe have over 25 year of experience in dealing with import and domestic wheel fitments and applications. Our hands on knowledge and computer reference systems have allowed us to develop this site into a high quality reliable source of information and for wheel/rim purchasing for most all specific vehicle applications. We deal with only the highest quality wheels/rims that will provide you with the true look and performance you need. We welcome the many customers who have reached our site and have found the great resources and pricing that we are able to extend to you as a result of our relationship with the largest foreign and domestic wheel manufacturers across the country and the world. is well known and extremely proud of our excellent continuing customer service and fast shipping within the continental US. We have become the premier leader in wheel applications/fitments and sales across the United States due to our dedication and affordable pricing. We supply our wheel products to the some of the largest in the racing industry and consumer community alike.

Our main focus is the get you "the right wheel at the right price" with perfect fitment so that you can simply remove your old wheels and bolt up with no problems. In addition our technical staff and resource center allow us to help design, supply, and satisfy your needs -- even when all you need is one simple wheel or question answered..

We are proud of our outstanding reputation in the wheel/rims aftermarket community. We will continue to provide the service quality you expect and deserve. Our facility has developed a dedicated 24/7 Online Upgrade Garage for your convenience. Please feel free to explore our site to see how we can meet your performance requirements in one easy step!!!

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